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Thread: soey#01 - 25th April (Fri)

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    Smile soey#01 - 25th Mar (Fri)

    Hi ~ fellow clubsnappers ...
    Would like to organise an outing this coming public holiday - Good Friday

    No way to keep my D70 in the drybox

    Venue: Sungei Rd > Waterloo st (GuanYin temple) > Bugis junction (Fountain)
    Start Time: 11am
    End Time: 4 - 4.30pm
    Meeting Place: Kelantan lane coffeeshop

    I hv decided to cover 3 areas becos
    1)small area covered , probably spend 1.5hrs at each place
    2)close walking distances
    3)3 differents aspect

    1100 - lunch at coffeeshop (Laksa )
    1145 - Sungei Rd
    1300 - GuanYin temple
    1430 - RnR at hawker center (probably some busker will be around)
    1500 - Bugis Junction
    1600 - Home sweet home (mrt wont be so packed as well )

    Min.4 - Max.8 Csers ..
    Folks who sign up, please make a point to be punctual or early. I WILL NOT wait for latecomers and rubber-timers.

    So start flooding my pm. Include your real name and hp no.

    tks and rgds
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    Hello! I am thinking of organizing a similiar outing on Sunday too!
    Would love to join u, but i *may* have some plans for Friday already.... Will be planning one outing on Sunday though!
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    love join u , but have a appt in the morning ... but will drop by anyway arnd kwan ying temple do some shots in the afternoon

    ps... good fri is march rite?

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    Month - changed

    up for the thread ...

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    hmmm, wont be joining u for the shoot d70 gonna hibernate for a while...
    time to switch on to nerd mode. exams in a month lah
    next time perhaps....

    upzzzzzz for a jolly fellow!!!

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    no pro wayne ..
    exams first ... good luck to you


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