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Thread: Pentax k5 for Astronomy Photography

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    Was searching the web when I came across this contribution from someone who did a timelapse of the Milkyway galaxy in Mersing using a Pentax K5. He was obviously inspired by another fellow time-lapse photographer from his choice of BGM but it show how capable the Pentax K5 can be. Imagine what you can do with a newer sensor in the K5-II and K5s!

    Pentax K5: Milkyway Timelapse 2012 - YouTube

    Related info : Our local astro group Singastro ( organises regular trips to Mersing for astronomy sessions. I suspect this chap was one of those who went for a trip last year. The next trip would be in mid-Mar 2013

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    nice! hmmmmmm shall we tag along? :P
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    This is the link if you need more details on the trip.
    SingAstro • View topic - MERSING Astro Trip (March 15-17 2013)

    The general consensus over there was that only C or N are good for astrophotography. The K5 (and I am pretty sure even the ole K-x) would have made a credible platform for this purpose too. Such efforts by Pentaxian not just tell people that pentax is good but prove it too

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    that guy is from the Malaysia pentax group, very nice guy. There were 2 other malaysia pentax photog during that trip as well. Very nice bunch of guys ... think he hangs around here as well iirc. Saw the o-gps in use for the first time and gian to get it ever since. The march trip will be my first try using the o-gps as well coincidentally that was sort of my first pentax outing as well.

    The main organiser for the mersing trips from singastro are a great bunch of guys as well. Went 2 trips with them and never felt they are gear whores, most probably because their mirrors and tripods cost way more than a dslr haha. Most was pleasantly surprise when they see a pentax popup but you should see one guy, he took apart and mod a external cooler to his C or N for astrophotography, very cool stuff (literally, lol). I think only 1 or 2 of them uses dslr, the rest who do imaging are using the real imaging stuff
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    Thanks airconvent for sharing the video.... Here is another video from me. 7+ hours to fully test out Pentax K5. All equipments got wet.



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    Thanks for sharing Tommy. Simply Beautiful!
    The K5-II is supposed to have better low light performance. Upgrading soon?


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