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Thread: STARDOM's CNY Cheongsum Shoot ~ 【恭】【喜】【發】【財】

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    Default STARDOM's CNY Cheongsum Shoot ~ 【恭】【喜】【發】【財】

    The Word is SEXY!

    Our Stardom talents and models' faces have graced into Commercial, Movies, TV Dramas, Events etc...

    For diversity, we chose Alyna, Gena, Janice and Winnie to don the cheongsums as well as their elegant looks that is easy on the composition in many angles. We have given them a list of Qipao poses to rehearse.

    So why not join in for a Chinese New Year Eve's shoot! !

    * Alyna * Gena * Janice * Winnie *


    Date : 16th February 2013

    Theme : CHEONGSUMS

    Location : Will Release to Participants Only

    Max Shooters: 24 ONLY (5/6:1)

    Swap models every 30mins for photographers, covering all 4 models

    COST: $60
    Tickets will be included in the pricing.


    Light Refreshment, like canned Isotonic drinks will be provided !


    Reservation - Event Code: BK6

    Email to with your particulars:
    your name and contact number to book your slot now !

    Or Simply SMS / Whatapps us : the code (BK6), your name/nick to:
    81331687 - StardomTracy or 84084890 - DennisC to confirm your reservations.

    Payments to collect after 20-24 photographers register.

    All photographers are welcome!
    A photoshoot session on the Sun with Lovely Models, building up portfolio and getting to meet new friends !

    Come join Us ! Support our CHEONGSUMS shoot! Cheers !

    Please like our facebook page Stardom Entertainment - Singapore, Singapore - Media/News/Publishing | Facebook

    Photos copyright to Models and Respective Photographers

    * Aylna *

    * Janice *

    * Gena *

    * Winnie *
    Stardom Entertainment
    Http:// Models. Talents. Events Management Agency.

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    Default Re: STARDOM's CNY Cheongsum Shoot ~ 【恭】【喜】【發】【財】

    Stardom Tracy Wishes All Photographers ~


    HUAT AH!!!

    Photograph credits to Stardom Principal Photographer: DennisC
    Stardom Entertainment
    Http:// Models. Talents. Events Management Agency.

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    Default Re: STARDOM's CNY Cheongsum Shoot ~ 【恭】【喜】【發】【財】

    Use this 1... shot using your cam+kit, I only PP in the fonts, rest is shot on site no other alteration.


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