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Thread: Motion Mannequins

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    Default Motion Mannequins @ Plaza Singapura


    I will be doing some showcasing of products which include some dance and catwalk at Plaza Singapore.

    Date will be:

    25/03/05 - 4.30pm & 6pm

    26/03/05 - 5.30pm

    27/03/05 - 4.30pm & 6pm

    02/04/05 - 4pm & 6pm

    03/04/05 - 4.30pm & 6pm

    We are showcasing different products each show.

    Me, Jolin, Nerrisa and Noel will be the models/talent for this event.

    Wei, those who I know u de hor, give me a call when u are there hor.....
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    Wah ... so many dates .... so can date you all .....
    AMPA * WPPI * J team

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    well looks like the regular crew will be around.

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    Default Priority Vantage Point?

    Thank you for sharing your event with us..

    I would like to come by and say "Hi!" and take some shots of you, Jolin, Nerrisa and Noel.

    What kind of access will be available for photographers?

    (You are encouraging us to take thousands of photos, right..?! )

    My name is Mr. Ted and if you say OK I'll let you know when I'm coming.


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    I am not too sure bout the access thing...

    Is a very public thing and we will also need to walk down the stage to interact with the shoppers....

    Who can take video of our dance huh?


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