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Thread: Which place takes good passbook size photo?

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    Default Which place takes good passbook size photo?

    As above.
    My friend wants to take nice passbook size photo for her job interviews. Any place to recommend?

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    up up up up up

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    I saw they used 3-4 studio lightings for passport
    See my Photo Gallery at the Clubsnap

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    i took mine at "lee ming" (i think the name goes something like) near clementi mrt.. quite a number of uni student take theirs there too...

    the outcome quite good.. me and me friend look pro.

    one thing no good is that no softcopy.. u got to scanned yourself...

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    passport size photo anywhere also the same le... KT does digital touch up for the photos though ahah....

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    DIY, or do it for her!

    Can take and take till happy!

    Or check if Raffles Photographers last time was at Boat Quay. Some kind of award winning portrait photographer. Not cheap though but some of his pass-port pix of my friends turned out very, very nicely.


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