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Thread: Rash act or Infrastructure problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bukitimah View Post
    I believe when TS post this thread, the intension was to highlight the possible causes for the accident and how to avoid them.

    Inevitably, with increase in populations, it means more cars, more constructions, busier roads, more competition for space and of course rush and hectic lifestyle. Net result, more accidents.

    Just compare working in Jurong and Raffles Place. You would be overwhelm by the crowd during peak hours. So, while we cope with 7 million, we should plan how to share the use if common spaces.
    so true.

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    Its the trend now. Whenever an incident happens, armchair advisors start popping up all over the net, pointing fingers at every direction. Are we that well-fed for the past 50 years, we can't even get our act together and start taking responsibility for our own action? Seems like it.

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    YouTube Video ID No. WZL0KYK4M-8

    A dozen cyclists, none can be seen.
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