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Thread: Winners of Singapore Cultural Medallion for photography

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    Default Winners of Singapore Cultural Medallion for photography

    CM winners for photography

    1982 Mr David Tay Poey Cher
    1983 Mr Ang Chwee Chai
    1984 Mr Yip Cheong Fun
    1985 Mr Tan Lip Seng
    1986 NIL
    1987 Mr Lee Lim
    1988 Mr Chua Soo Bin
    1989 Mr Foo Tee Jun
    1990 Mr Peng Seng Wu
    from 1991 to 2003 NIL
    2004 Mr Teo Bee Yen
    from 2005 to 2012 NIL

    Not sure if there had been a reclassification.
    There is a new category named Visual Arts. As far as one can tell, the winners of that seem to be artists and not photographers.

    As you can see, from 1991 to 2012 (except for 2004) photography had no CM winners.

    The new generation of photographers are lousy?

    Did the advent of digital photography have anything to do with it? The timing seems coincidental.
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    Default Re: Winners of Singapore Cultural Medallion for photography

    Its a very high honor to be bestowed a Cultural Medallion .... and not a factory line production nor an indication that the current generation of photographers are 'lousy' .

    I assure you that there is a lively and growing community of photographers in various fields that are maturing in their craft and contributing and volunteering to promote photography with no eye towards a Cultural Medallion

    Lets make sure the perspective is right in the first place on HOW the reciepients are selected..... and in photography, shooting skills is only part of the requirements.

    "The Cultural Medallion was instituted in March 1979 as an initiative of our late President, then Minister of Culture, Mr Ong Teng Cheong, to recognise individuals who have made distinctive contributions in shaping Singapore's cultural landscape. The award recognises individuals who have attained artistic excellence in the fields of literary arts, performing arts, visual arts and film. It is conferred by the President, Republic of Singapore and administered by the National Arts Council.

    To date, the Cultural Medallion has been conferred on 104 recipients.

    The award is adminstered by the National Arts Council."

    " The Cultural Medallion Fund supports recipients' efforts to champion the development of their artistic practice, pass on their knowledge to aspiring artists, and inspire the Singapore community through their practice both nationally and internationally. "

    "Selection Criteria
    The selection criteria are as follows:

    1.Candidate should be recognised for his/her artistic work and contribution to the artistic development of Singapore.
    2.Candidate should have attained artistic excellence.
    3.Candidate should demonstrate, through a body of works pursued through a number of years, creative originality, professional maturity and artistic leadership in one or more disciplines as specified in the scope of the award.
    4.Candidate should have established his / her name internationally, or won international awards.
    5.Candidate should be involved in educational or community development projects towards the promotion of the respective art form.
    6.Candidate should be an inspiration and role model to other artists in the arts community."

    Read some of the citations (in PDF format) in this link to get a better idea
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