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Thread: Need help in checklist when buying DSLR

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    Default Need help in checklist when buying DSLR

    Hi, i buying a 2nd hand DSLR soon but dunno what to look out for so that wont end up buying a problem set. Any1 can give me tips on how to see whether the set is a working set? Thanks.
    btw I am buying a 10D.

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    depends if he selling with box or without, den with manual or without, if with manual, take it out, flip to 1st few pages, look for box contents, den match the things, otherwise see what does the guy say he is offering the set with.

    next is to check the camera... that will be the hard part... not sure about canon system, best is you can get a lens and test it out, den shoot extreme dark & bright pics to see if there is any dead pixel on the LCD, etc...

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    find a few 10D users and ask them what to check.

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    reading manual on the spot is too slow

    best bring a 10d user along

    but before that, go to and read the 10d review there a few times over so that u know what to roughly expect

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    I guess verifying that the camera is in good working condition is a pre-requisite... internal flash, take pic, try all the buttons and some crucial function you could think of dadada... can't think of any dy... good idea go grab a 10D owner to tag along.

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    Warrenty, very important. If by any chance it breaks down you can still bring it to the service centre for repair.

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    If you're really worried, get the seller to go with you to Canon service center, and ask the service center to give it a check. I'm a Nikon user, and the Nikon service center guys did that for me once, took about 15 min or so only. They may not find "hidden" problems, but as they handle these cameras so often, chances are they'll be able to spot things that you're not able to.

    It's also likely that you may need to clean the CCD ... and pay them for the clean/checkup service, but at least you'll have more peace of mind.


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