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Thread: "EYES-Golden Myanmar" online

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    Default "EYES-Golden Myanmar" online

    Dear CS members and friends,

    I have put up selected images from my solo exhibition "EYES-Golden Myanmar" into CS gallery.

    I am very new to the gallery and after some fiddling, I managed to upload the images.

    Enjoy and have a pleasant viewing. Feel free to give comments.

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    Your photos are excellent!
    The composition, exposure, mood, etc are all perfect for each and every single photo in your gallery. however, when i look at all of them together, i find all the photos are of one of the following themes:

    2)(ruined) temples, buddha statues
    3) street life

    For monks, temples, you want to show the transquility; for street life, you want to show the peaceful life of the locals. these are quite cliche leh.

    In addition, the title is "EYES- Golden Myanmar", but i don't see anything that is distinct of that country (or maybe i am just ignorant). if you go to Thailand, or maybe Cambodia, probably you can also take the same kind of photos. you also have monks, (ruined) temples, buddhas statues, etc there, you also have street children. I feel that the character of the country has not been brought out.

    just my 2 cents. anyway, i am just a lousy amateur, if i can achieve what you have achieved with those photos, i would be overjoyed. but i think by your standard, you should be able to do much better than this.

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    Great point. Anyway, those images uploaded are part of the 72 images exhibited. i am still doing my website gallery. You will get a clearer picture when you see all 72. In the meantime, enjoy the preview.

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    Are these shot in RAW or jpeg?

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    great pictures.

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    Good shot, Steven.
    Frankly speaking, I am very impress by most of your photos.
    War is one of the most regrettable human activities.

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    Quote Originally Posted by taku1a
    Are these shot in RAW or jpeg?
    well, I do not shoot RAW as the write process is slow and the file size is huge and hard to manage. On average, I shoot about 2000 images daily when I go oversea. RAW is not suitable for my shooting pattern.

    In fact, with PhotoCS and if you know how to make good use of it, JPEG is more than sufficient.


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