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Thread: Backpacking to India

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    Quote Originally Posted by canonmono View Post
    thx buddy, i have change my trip to laos instead as my gz buddy cant make it so laos will reli be a solo trip, jus hoping can meet some weird ppl ard
    If you want to meet weird people, Singapore has plenty. No need to travel out.

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    And go ahead and give out small things if you feel like it...pens pencils candy etc...Its just plain silly advice say that you will encourage begging by people who already are very poor, in order for them to stop asking for stuff...I say spread the wealth a if its going to break your bank...If thats the case then maybe one should not be out travelling in the first place...Oh, and in Laos.. many schools would appreciate older used donated laptops...

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    india & indian are very good they believe guest like a God.
    there are many beautiful palaces in India like Delhi,Agra Jaipur,Varanasi and many more....
    many folks can have many reivew may be good or bad but if you spend some time in india you feel lovely & Knowledgeable.

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