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Thread: Sony NW-HD3 - Bagus?

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    Default Sony NW-HD3 - Bagus?

    Anyone got their paws on this cool looking HDD player already? Any feedback? Is this a good buy?

    Comments appreciated

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    Tried it when it first launch in Tokyo, Japan. All i can say it's tak BAGUS. For the price with additional top up, I still rather get a iPod. The controls are slow and sometimes can get very confusing. Took me a while to figure out how to use this MP3 player compared to iPod(took me 15 minutes).

    Still recommend iPod. If u have low budget, then go for th iPod mini which is about $348.

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    has anyone tried U70? very tempting piece of hardware. but the screen a bit small @ 5.5". could have bee a bit bigger..say 8"

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    The newer iPod Mini has better battery life too up to 18hrs. But the new sets don't come with AC adaptors from what I understand, thus the price drop. The charging must be done off USB2.0 ports.

    They have the 4GB and 6GB versions now. I only managed to fill up 1GB on my iPod Mini.

    Also for my iPod Mini (older version), it *must* run off firewire or USB2.0, for my old PC, fortunately I have a USB 2.0 card, so not too bad. Weird... it's not backwards compatible to USB 1.1. Also charging time is a bit ridiculous, 2 hrs for 80% charge, and 4 hours for full charge.

    More and more MP3 players launching into the market...


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