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Thread: Need help with internet connection

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    Download this combofix to scan and fix your PC of any virus/malware/abnormalities. I have not come across needing external hdd before can surf. Most likely some files are corrupted. BTW, use at your own risk. It has helped me a few times but I cannot guarantee it will help your issue.

    ComboFix Download

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    rhino, do a ping w w w. g o o g l e. c o m (without spacing) in command prompt. if can resolve to ip, it is your IE proxy setting issue. do you have firefox?
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    dunno if this might work for you as it did for me. delete connections to your router, both wireless and cable. take out your lan cable, shut down and reboot.

    after your notebook has reboot. turn off all firewall programs, third party or microsoft built in. connect your lan cable and set up the internet connection following the wizard. surf to safe sites like yahoo, google etc.

    once you get connected you are almost home free. next step close IE or FFox and remove lan cable. turn on wifi and go through the prompts to set up the wifi connectiion.

    hope this helps.

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    Perhaps can do a virus or malware scan.

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    Thanks everyone! I can get my computer to go online finally without my external hdd.

    I downloaded the microsoft essentials first, then downloaded the ccleaner program from the net. Run the microsoft essential first to check for malware and virus, then run the ccleaner

    Thanks for all the helps and supported received here! Finally, I am relieve.
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