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Thread: To UV or not to UV...

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    Quote Originally Posted by sin77 View Post
    Cheap lens don't need to use UV filters lah. Say so many times liao
    Expensive lenses also don't need filters - except those lenses where the filter completes the weather sealing.

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    Default Re: To UV or not to UV...

    I use filters, only because I can be shooting in wet and dirty situations unexpectedly. So leaving them on makes more sense than taking it off and on all the time. And IQ degradation for me is minimal.

    One thing to note, that good performing filters are not necessarily expensive. The Hoya HMC works very well and only cost $35 for a 77mm one. And I am currently using Kenko Zeta protectors, which are easy to clean (with any T-shirt), scratch resistant and optically very good, and it only cost me $59 a piece for the 77mm one.

    No offense to the folks using the expensive B+W MRC, if you still like to spend top dollar for your filters, feel free to do so. But performance need not be tied to expensive.

    In the end, YMMV and to each his own.
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    One of UV filters purposes is to cut out uv light particularly in high altitudes. I took this shot at +3800m with an uv on. Don't have a comparable one without the filter but I recall it was not as blue as the sun was strong.

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