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Thread: What is the between UV & Skylight filter?

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    Default What is the difference between UV & Skylight filter?

    What are the main differences between them?
    My main intention is to leave it on all the time (act as a protection for the lens) and also be able to use it both day and night, and will not affect the pictures.
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    A UV filter, as its name implies, filters out ultraviolet radiation from the light entering the lens. It should have no effect on the visible light spectrum and thus will essentially not change the image at all under the vast majority of circumstances.

    A skylight filter also filters out ultraviolet radiation, but it has a slight pinkish tint in order to warm up (=filter away some blues) the scene. As its name implies, this is designed to counter excessive bluishness from skylight at certain times of the day or depending on the weather/climate.

    Thus a skylight filter will modify the scene sligjhtly whereas a UV filter should not. Most people normally use UV filters for lens protection because of this reason, but if you think a skylight filter will be more helpful for your kind of photography work, by all means use that as well. Hope this helps.

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    thanks for explanation!
    i will go for the UV filter for my case.


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