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    Need some advice.

    I'm helping an organisation to archive the photos and videos and in times of needs, these photos/videos can be located. Likely, I will need to tag the photos and insert key words to facilitate the search processes.

    I am new to Lightroom and exploring the features. In addition to Lightroom, is there any other software which can fulfil my requirement?

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    What is the size of the org?
    What is the size of the archive you are working with? How many assets?
    How many people will require access?

    Just some of the questions you may want to ask. You may want to look into specialised Digital asset management (DAM) solutions if the scope is large enough (Digital asset management - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).

    One example I'm aware of: Extensis Digital Asset Management| Home

    (I used their font management software in the past. No experience with their DAM solution.)

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    ditto kandinsky.

    really depends on the scale of the org, how heavy media usage is, whether solely for archival or constant access is needed.
    you can go as simple as a NFS or an all out DAM.
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    Lightroom is definitely out, because it is an editing tool. Once thing that must not happen to any archived file is getting changed, accidentally or deliberately.
    On the other hand, check carefully which tags are stored inside the image files (EXIF header) and which are stored outside, in the LR database. Your solution would need the latter approach so that tags can be changed without editing the file.

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    How often would the search be performed? How big is the collection? Have u considered cloud solutions? Or even uploading to flickr? Benefits is you do not worry about HDD crashes.

    If its a non profit org, consider picasa as well. It has face detection so u can even group photos in that way. :-)

    Don't flame me for low cost solutions and their problems. Just wondering TS considered these options first.
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