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Thread: Newbie questions about Metz flash

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    Default Newbie questions about Metz flash

    A few questions regarding the metz flash adaptors

    There are different metz adaptors for different cameras such that the flash can perform TTL yeah?

    1. Without the adaptors, can metz flash be used on a normal non-TTL hotshoe?

    2. Is there a common adaptor(eg for olymupus) that metz flash can use? or specific adaptor can fit certain models of Metz flash only?

    3. Once with adaptor, can non-TTL flashes be mounted on it ,such that the flash gains TTL capabilities?


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    I believe all your questions can be answered here: Metz

    Alternatively, the people in Singapore who can answer your questions best would be:

    Jebsen & Jessen Marketing (S) Pte. Ltd.
    No. 2 Corporation Rd. #06-01/02/03, Corporation Place
    Singapore 618494
    Telephone: 0065-62651221
    Fax: 0065-62651191

    Hope this helps.

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    Thank you.

    I have went through the site already but still a bit blur.

    Hmmm... From what I gather from the website is that

    1. Flash without adaptor can work for any non-TTL camera with hotshoe.
    2. want TTL then need to get particuler adaptor for the camera

    Is that right?

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    with the dedicated adapters, your camera will be able to communicate information like current focal length (zoom), aperture and ISO setting to the flash. this will allow the flash to judge the 'correct' settings in TTL/Auto mode without you needing to adjust it.

    note that this functionality depends on your camera and the actual flash model, please check Metz's site for compatibility.

    using the standard single-pin adapter, you'll have to dial in your ISO/aperture/zoom settings on the flash manually, or operate it in manual mode. no TTL since the cam can't communicate with the flash other than to trigger it.

    i'm not so sure about TTL performance since i use my 54MZ3 in Auto mode most of the time, so your mileage may vary. test before buying.

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