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Thread: Free Business in Photography Talk XII - 2 Feb 2013 - 8:30pm-10pm

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    Default Free Business in Photography Talk XII - 2 Feb 2013 - 8:30pm-10pm

    Hi guys...

    Here 12th session.

    However, since this is a free sharing, I do encourage that you guys who wanted to come please be punctual.

    I dedicate some of my time to help those who would like some help... Please come with questions so i can help you.

    I am going to run this as long as there is any genuine interest.

    This sharing session is to help those who is curious about professional photography or someone who is sitting on the line whether to do it or not... Think about this as information session to a life as a professional photographer. Although, this is not the actual course to get you started but of course, this is the very front line which many skip and fail.

    I will need you guys come with a question in mind and we will discuss the questions mutually... I have decide to change the way how this is conducted to be a little more interactive...

    As mentioned, if you are not serious about coming on time, please don't put your name and give others who would like some have a chance.

    Please sign up through my facebook page so I can manage the status easier....

    Max 15 people
    Location: 253B Onan Road, S424638

    Please note:
    1. I will collect $10 per attendees for charity purposes. I think it will be nice to help others in need. So make sure you are ok with this.
    2. As mentioned, if there are continue trend of people sign up and never turn up, this talk will be stop as I don't see the point helping if there is lack of respect for time for everyone.
    3. Competitors welcome too... I don't believe in competing in personal level and this is my personal sharing session.

    Please kindly "LIKE" the facebook page so you can sign up.



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    Default Re: Free Business in Photography Talk XII - 2 Feb 2013 - 8:30pm-10pm

    The talk is tomorrow night and for those who like to join please make sure you put your name on the list on Facebook page.



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