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Thread: Iceland in march, anyone???

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    Default Iceland in march, anyone???

    Not firm yet... Looking to do a 10-14 days self drive with capturing Northern light as a mission.

    Current plan is to go with my wife, non photographer. Hoping to get a couple or addition 2 pax, preferably with driving license so that the we have 4 in a car.

    Pls pm for more info...

    PS **nothing firm yet**


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    Default Re: Iceland in march, anyone???

    Its a nice place. Easy to get around. Get a GPS, a map, extra diesel. In winter, i think just have to make sure you aim for a accommodation at every location. Then you are safe.
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    Default Re: Iceland in march, anyone???

    I'll be heading there from 18 to 24 March actually (two of us). Intend to drive from Reykjavik to Jökulsárlón and back.

    The following thread by one of our fellow clubsnapper here was a great start for our plans


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