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Thread: What did you get from the IT Show 2005?

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    One 100L dry cabi and free camera bag
    One lexar card
    One nexcell charger come with 2400 mh batterries and clock
    4 sanyo 2500 mh batteries
    One free bag with dbs card ...
    Save one tree by returning the unwanted brochures..

    Did all shopping on the first day and kena chopped based on second day pricing report.
    Only got my sanity and toes intact. Wallet - dry and clean ......

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    There got DBS card signup? Arggh... missed it

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    IMHO 90 percent of the Tech Geeks at IT Show don't know what to do with 99 percent of processing power in their high end devices. Probably more for entertainment than anything else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by espn
    I got a Nikon T-shirt, a Nikon Umbrella, 4 bottles of mineral water, 1 packet of fried rice, 3 otahs (1 dropped ), 1 curry puff, 2 slices of sponge cake, lots of eye candy and 2 portrait shooting sessions.

    But I didn't have to pay for any of it

    First IT show I went without spending $
    i was wondering did i see u at the fair on sunday.... hmmmz...........


    but anyway.. i was there.. gt squeezed, both feets stepped on, t-shirt torn on the sides and of course... lots of unwanted brochures and my house-key missing...

    hmmmmm...... ESPN is that u who chased me aside ??

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