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    Eh.... Juz to share...

    Grab a copy of Style Weddings...or borrow one to flip thru if u can...SGD8 per copy....

    Got lottsa photos inside..... and can see the way the studio photo's set their lights....can see alot of strong styles there....

    I tink it would be a good reader for people interested in portraits in general, not juz wedding photog...

    BUT there's one thing i noticed...a few studio adverts the photos look technically "unsound"...can almost see the sharpening done if u study it closely le..... or am i juz being overhyped(muz be getting old, eyes spoil)???? hehe....

    Cheers and Regards

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    Thanks for the advice; I will look for it tomorrow!

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    Grab from major bookstores?

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    any news stand the ah pek also have....


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