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Thread: Converting jpegs to B&W best technique?

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    Question Converting jpegs to B&W best technique?


    Am currently trying to figure out the best way to convert jpegs to b&w, its quite hard though to get the output that you'd normally get from a roll of Ilford..

    Any diff between the technique described here:

    and using desaturate in photoshop? I appear to be obtaining quite close results though one is much more elaborate in the steps than the other...

    Any other tips???

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    desaturate cant tell u the different in color, it mainly focus on brightness if i am not wrong.
    the more complicated method allow u to present the different of color in b&w, more like b&w film does (but still, b&w film is the best for b&w picture).

    for eg. i have red and green in same brightness, desaturate will present both as same grey level, but the channel mixer way would present different grey level.

    not sure if i am correct, wish anyone would share ~^^

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    desaturate, IIRC, only changes ur pic to greyscale.

    for fuss-free BnW conversion, u can try just download all the various plugins and u can experiment urself. quite user-friendly.

    but, still can't beat the quality of true BnW film. i compared the printouts from 2 methods. film still the optik verve plugins are a quick & easy substitute.
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    Agreed, digital is not optimal for B&W... but its really convenient way to archive without scanning...

    Will try out the link, thanks for the tips!

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    John Cosgrove will be giving a talk at the Circle of Light Gathering on 20 March on this topic. U may like to attend. Pls sign up at the following thread if u r keen .


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