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Thread: I have just bought a DMC-FX7

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    Hehe... not to scare you, but if you are not seating near to the stage, it will be very difficult to take good photos.

    1) Try to use High ISO. Don't think about the noise, post proccess it later. Capture something first.
    2) Use flash if possible...
    3) If Handheld, use OIS2(my preference, its up to u), If on tripod, switch off OIS, and try to reduce any movement when pressing the shutter.
    4) EV compensation set to + (by how much, it depends... do some test shots before the concert start)
    5) Lastly, you can buy a ticket for each of the Lumixers here, and we will help you to shoot the photos, and you will choose the bext from the lot.

    Haha... Lastly, enjoy the concert, shooting should be secondary....


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    Quote Originally Posted by tkp77
    Haha... Lastly, enjoy the concert, shooting should be secondary....

    I concur!!! Haha...

    Last tip from me, make friends with the official photographer, tell him you're from clubsnap and get his pics!!!

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    Question Thanks for the reply

    Thanks all for the reply, I will try it out.
    I realised the battery flat easily. I brought 2 battery to zoo within 4 hour the 2 battery already flat.

    Any one know how to prevent the battery flat? I already set it to Powersave & Monitor save.

    I think have to buy extra battery? May I know which shop sell the original battery cheaper and I also need to buy a screen protector. Where can I buy and roughly how much will it cost?

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