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Thread: help! is there a software to recover deleted images on kingston sd card?

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    Default help! is there a software to recover deleted images on kingston sd card?

    hi, my ixus camera was left on in my bag so it could have accidentally click on file format. is there any software that can recover deleted pictures. currently there are no images on the camera. i am using a kingston sd memory card. appreciate if i can get some advise out there.

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    Lexar Image Rescue 2 can recover image files from most types of cards but it isn't free (well it is free if you purchase a pro card from them but otherwise you'll need to buy it on the web). Still it is one of the cheaper image recovery software for memory cards and it works for cards that are not physically damaged. I've used it on Sony MSs, CFs, MDs etc, etc.

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    ok thanks for your help. i will try to get hold of one.

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    hi dinnixg, cool. will try this first...let u know if it works! thanks!

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    hey dennixg the software works! however i think it is in german, so i may just get the lexar rescue. thanks for your help!!!!

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    Default Thank you for this precious info!

    Whoever u are, or how outdated this post is, im just thankful, man ... i almost lost my co's images with my 1-finger kungfu ............. think i'll be slaughtered coz sm images cant b repeated

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    Default software

    saw rescue software in Ruby glass window display.

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    didn't realise there is this free software until i read this thread...

    I had already formatted my lexar card. Is there anyone kind enough to email me the lexar rescue program?


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