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    I'm looking at getting canon's 55-250 IS or IS II / 75-300 USM . Is it ok or i can also look at third party lenses? Still pretty new to photography.

    what's the difference between IS and IS II , i see the price of IS is more expensive than II , i thought should be the other way round?

    I like to shoot on close up on subjects but don't wanna be near it. Be it landscape/portrait or anything.

    Any kind pro can advise me?
    New to this, help appreciated.

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    Yes, you can looked into getting third party lenses as long as the lens is canonmount. You can also get other mount lenses but you need an adapter (and lost Autofocus).

    I am not too sure, but are you sure that 55-250mm IS is still selling? I tot when Canon release the IS II, they discontinue the IS version.

    Other lenses you can look to is the EF 18-200mm, EF 18-135mm (that way you will get pretty close in when needed and still get the wide angle for many uses), the other alternative would be Sigma's 18-250mm or Tamron 18-270mm.
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    Default Re: Canon 60d

    Of course you can consider 3rd party options.

    The difference between 55-250 IS and IS II (according to review) is just cosmetic changes. Optics are the same. A 2nd hand IS should cost ~$250.

    And btw, there are 2 versions of 75-300. But for both cases, If you are considering this lens, you may want to read up on the EF 70-300mm f4-5.6 IS USM.
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    Default Re: Canon 60d

    Do read reviews for the 75-300, 70-300 and 55-250. Then compare price and image quality. The 75-300 is pretty old and has never won any merits for quality. Especially when you are new to photography do not jump to get any gear that is around. Be selective, rent the lenses if you just want to try.


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