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Thread: Stein Zeiser Tripod (SZ-630)

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    Default Stein Zeiser Tripod (SZ-630)

    saw this tripod selling at EastGear at the IT show. anyone heard of this brand? good? comments?

    what i found out from the uncle :

    - high grade aluminium
    - weighs around 2.6kg
    - max load ~5kg
    - removable centre column
    - max height ~170cm
    - comes with a ball head ( quick release + double lock )
    - cost = SGD $105

    good enough for a D70 set up? anyone?

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    i think its the same as the one that is given free with the purchase of D70 at the IT show.

    those who got the tripod at the IT show..whats your comments on this?



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