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    Hi guys!

    I am looking to get a new laptop for my photography hobby, but I'm not too sure on what to get. I searched through the forum, and couldn't find any post related to this other than the one posted recently. I hope that somebody can help me with this!

    My budget is around 1.5K and preferably looking to get one at least 14" screen and more importantly, it should be portable, since I am going to fly overseas for an internship and gonna use this as my main workstation for work, schoolwork and some games as well.


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    some games..

    then dun get mac.

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    erm, my budget is about 1.5k bso i'd say macs are a definite no-no! any idea on what to look out for? like processor, ram, graphics, screen?

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    get min. a 15inch with dedicated vga card
    i5 / i7 should be good enough
    max out the ram to min 16gb
    ssd is optional = more desktop/portable hdd

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    The in thing now is the MacBook Air and ultra books my friend. Nobody is seen using a 14" inch or larger in campus, unless you're a techie. Haha!

    Disclaimer: I am a business graduate. (I think that explains a lot!)

    Seriously, a laptop is hardly adequate to play games, unless you're willing to compromise on quality gaming experience or have a lot of cash to "Zeng" your laptop. Plus, they generate so much heat due to the intense computing power needed.

    My old setup was a 14.1" / 13.3" laptop and desktop combo. If I were still in school, I would definitely be using a MacBook Air / ultrabook for school (come on... You know you are primarily using it for just Facebook and only rushing some Keynote slides and some Word report at the end of the semester). Some minor computing power for Lightroom or Photoshop, but I save the games and serious photo editing on my desktop.
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    Default Re: Laptop Recommendations

    RAM: as much as possible. Photoshop and Lightroom need it. For Windows, do get the 64bit edition.
    CPU: Medium to High End. Image processing need CPU power.
    Graphics: Low end is enough if you wipe out 'gaming' from your list.
    Other things you will need: monitor calibration, external HDD for backup.


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