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Thread: ....some personal tips.....- Tripod care....

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    Default ....some personal tips.....- Tripod care....


    Just to share some knowledge picked up from friends locally and overseas.....for Tripod Care....

    The Racket grip tape.....(cheaper than dedicated manfrotto/bogen(US),slik...etc tapes- seem that the brand really adds to the cost)

    - For cold countries (winter photography) can put a layer of the racket grip tape (tennis ,badminton type) to prevent frost bite.
    - The racket grip is also useful in keeping the tripod free from dinks and scratches from outing id rough terrain - Probably increase its resale value as compared to a worn out one......Some people prefer to use the camera bag......but personally for travelling and off-road trekking - a sling would be better than the bag.
    - Gives a comfy and nice handling feel

    Sea water...
    - Wash down the tripod with water(tap) and wipe off the excess water after photography by te beach or in cases where the tripod is used by the shallow surf.

    Luggage packing...(airport)
    - dismantle the head if neccessary and put it wrapped with towel or clothes and on the top layer in case if airport security requires you to open the bag - asa tripod looks like a 3-barrel riffle......saw it in the Singapore immigration x-ray screeen......funny...

    Till then.....

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