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Thread: Need Help on Backpack in China

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    Planning to do a backpacking trip to China this end May and currently doing some research on the net. Did a check on ZUJI and found the cheapest flights cost:
    Singapore - Beijing (return ticket) = S$700 (Southern Airline)
    Beijing - Xian (1-way) = US$130
    Xian - Guilin (1-way) = US$130
    Guilin - Beijing (1-way) = US$130

    I also checked up on china rail, it's only 50% cheaper than the flight ticket, but takes close to 1-day of travelling!

    The flight cost itself would take more than S$1,400. I would appreciate if anyone can advice on:-
    a) Any budget airlines in China?
    b) Is there any cheaper way of transportation and the estimated cost?
    c) Any advice?

    Thanks in advance.

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    If you have time, I recommend going up to China via the overland route. You can either go by Laos or Vietnam. I have done the Laos-China trip before where I started from Thailand. From Laos, you will reach Yunnan; Vietnam, you will reach either Yunnan or Guangxi, depending where you cross. Its a lot of fun doing the land route, provided you have the time. Save the money from flying and you spend more time on travelling. But this plan is not good if you don't intend to visit the southern provinces.

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    for travelling in China among the cities, i suggest you take train with hard sleeper (bed) it take a night, train moves off abt 6-8pm and will reach next morning (abt 12 hrs). it cost abt 300+ RMB and you save a night's accomodation as well.
    there's also lond distance coach which you can sleep (i mean bed in them).
    This is feasible for beijing to xian.

    The other 2 trips i'm not sure of the time to be taken.

    For some other longer trips, train might take up to 30+ hours and so you might want to look for other means.

    hope it helps


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