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    World renowned photographer from National Geographic will be in Singapore for a 1 1/2 day seminar to be held on 9th and 10th of March 2002. Please call Diana at 377 3670 or email her at for more details.

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    It costs $150 for non members of Safra leh....

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    $150.00 for a 1 and a half-day seminar is not expensive considering that tea and lunch is included. His seminars in USA cost just as much but in US dollars. Considering his accomondation, air fare and other expenses involved, it does cost a fair bit to bring these people in. This is jointly organised by SAFRA and Nikon.

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    How much is it for safra members?

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    For SAFRA members it is $120.00 and SAFRA Photographic Club members it is $96.00 Guest will be at at $150.00. There will also be a 5-day workshop (full-day sessions) starting from Monday. The rates are: $320 for SAFRA Photographic Club members, $400.00 for SAFRA members and $500.00 for Guests. For those who sign up for the workshop, you will only pay $50.00 for the convention. Please call me Diana Foo at 6377 3670 for more information.


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