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Thread: Is Pliobond available in Singapore?

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    Default Is Pliobond available in Singapore?

    Hi Folks,

    Does anybody know if Pliobond is available in Singapore?

    It looks like this.


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    I've bought Pliobond from Ace Hardware at Novena Square before it was closed. If you still can find Ace Hardware somewhere else in Singapore, you probably can find Pliobond. If you are using it for glueing leatherette of cameras, I have used commonly available contact adhesive/cement with success.


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    Hi e905591s,

    Can you tell me which other contact adhesive/cement you have used for leatherette that also allows you to peel the stuff off like Pliobond does? And where you get the stuff?

    I need to peel off some rubber pads on a camera body to get to two screws. Will be taking apart a camera but need to get the glue to stick it back together.


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    I have used the yellow can "Dunlop Contact Adhesive" from hardware stores and some "Deer Brand CA" from Sim Lim Tower for glueing camera leatherettes. I believe most of the yellowish gluey and smelly(can get high from smelling too much) contact adhesives are more or less the same stuff.

    By the way, one has to be careful while peeling off the leatherette, whether it was still held by original factory glue, pliobond or CA. All three can bond the surfaces rather strongly.


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    Hi e905591s,

    Does Pliobond have a similar smell to the Dunlop Contact Adhesive?

    And do you use any type of debonder to help you get the leatherette or rubber grip material off the camera.

    Thanks again.


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