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Thread: thoughts on selling 2nd hand equipment (d7000 + various lenses)

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    Default thoughts on selling 2nd hand equipment (d7000 + various lenses)


    I am not a frequent user of these forums but I often peruse to take a look and see what's going on and recently have considered selling my current set-up d7000 + 5 lenses + spare battery etc...

    I am wondering how people decide on a decent price to offer and if it makes more sense selling as a bundle or individually. My drive is not about profit, I want to cover the costs of getting a smaller camera (Fuji X-E1 + lens).

    Do the forums allow you to sell bundles and if so is that recommended?

    Ideally I just want my gear to go to a good home, someone looking to get their first camera and set-up. I know 5 lenses is too many for most people starting but could of course make some compromises on price if it means selling all on one go.

    The warranties are all finished but everything is in good working order, any suggestions appreciated.

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    Default Re: thoughts on selling 2nd hand equipment (d7000 + various lenses)

    you can:

    1). bundle up and sell as a whole system. indicate that you prefer to sell as a bundle.
    2). tag a price to each individual item and maybe give a slight discount for bundle purchase.
    3). put up your gears for trade with a FujiFilm X-Pro or X-E1 system with top up from whichever side.
    4). choose to put up recent photos of the gears you are selling.

    you should:

    1). find out the shutter count of your D7000, at least provide an approximate value.
    2). list the condition of your gears based on the recommended condition rating in CS.
    3). list down any issues with any gear, if any.
    4). state whether the gears come with boxes, body cap, front and rear lens cap etc. in short, any extras.
    5). expect some CSers to lowball you but it is still up to you to sell it or not.
    6). state the preferred meeting place and time for transaction.
    7). state if there is any personal warranty etc.
    8). any other rules or requirements.
    9). put down ur preferred mode of contact, i.e mobile phone or email or PM.

    think that's about it.
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    Default Re: thoughts on selling 2nd hand equipment (d7000 + various lenses)

    woah very detailed answer - thanks for the quick reply.

    I think I will go with the suggestion of listing the individual prices and an overall price but much cheaper to tempt the buyer.

    I will get the shutter and take a few snaps as well.


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