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Thread: SEL Mode on K5

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    Hi Fellow Pentaxians,

    I have been reading the manual but couldnt get any information about the SEL mode. So when I do Auto mode when we do AF, the up-down-left-right buttons are short cuts to flash, wb, shooting mode, etc. However, when I use SEL, these "arrow" buttons become the selector for the focus points. How can I use these "arrow" buttons as shortcuts of the original functions when we use it in Auto mode?

    Thank you very much!

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    Press and hold the OK button
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    Thanks a lot! Saves a lot of reading time!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElephantSnapper View Post
    Thanks a lot! Saves a lot of reading time!
    haaaa face the same problem when i had the K5..... good bro here teach me how to use.... instead of asking me go rtfm..... good bunch of bro here.... thumb up.....


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