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    Default shooting Indoor

    I am new D70 user with only kit lens and nothing else.

    I've tried taking indoor pictures with the below settings, however it seem to be quite dark. Can anyone advice me what is the best and usual setting for a good indoor shoot if i am only using the build-in flash?(I got to get SB600)

    Below is the picture... I've a good model at home for me to practice...hehe..
    Let me know if you guys want a model, i'll give you a reasonable price for hiring the model.

    Aperture: f/4.5
    Exposure time: 0.017 s (10/600) (1/60)
    Focal length: 62.00 (620/10)

    Setting for below picture

    Aperture: f/4.5
    Exposure time: 0.017 s (10/600) (1/60)
    Focal length: 52.00 (520/10)

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    try to get more ambient light in.
    Many ways to do it.

    Slower shutter speed.
    Bigger aperture
    Faster ISO
    Slow sync flash

    Avoid the window in the background, it will normally fool the metering

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    If you're indoor, try using:

    Spot metering
    Set shutter speed to 1/30 sec.

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    Thanks guys, i shall try that again. At least i have a guide on the settings, i'll do some offset if the result is not as i expected.

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    get a bounce flash, makes a world of difference to indoor shots.

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    you can achieve better results by

    1. use a fast lens like 50mm f1.8 @ f1.8 and high ISO to capture the object with ambient lighting

    2. use flash light to bounce to ceiling to give a diffuse effect
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    Thanks all for the tips and, my target now to get SB600 and 50mm f1.8 Nikkor lens... and of cause get myself familiarise with my D70
    Hey Witness, thanks for your advice too.


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