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Thread: what is a good dry box?

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    Default what is a good dry box?

    looking for a good or "effective" dry box to 5 zoom lens and a DSLR. willing to spend up to S$300.

    what are the different types i.e. electrical or silicon gel?

    what are the different brands and prices?

    any websites i can visit?

    any recommendations?

    thanks in advance!

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    i think called "dry cabinet" right....
    dry box are those cheaper alternative to store..

    if looking for dry cabi -

    if looking for dry box - u can start looking from NTUC..

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    oops they are not the same? yeah i meant dry cabinet...

    will check it out. thanks.

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    have you tried ampro dry cab? digihub is at IT fair this weekend. anyone else knows other brands of dry cabinets?

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    Default Dry Box


    Try Toyo Living sold by Cathay.
    Buy the tallest you can afford, as the foot print is the same whether you choose a small one or tall one.

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    u may not realise, but a dry cabinet is good for storing other stuffs also... e.g.: your films, photos, certificates... Buy a big 1 if possible... I'd get at least a 80L if I got the $..


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