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Thread: any bird lover here need help !

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    Default any bird lover here need help !

    actually i am no bird lover just like to watch and spot them during free time in camp as my camp got really alot of colourful birds , today walk pass a bird shop and saw this bird that caught my attention , the boss say its name is robin , never ask much so i left .

    whats the actual name of this bird ? is it hard to keep and will it grow till quite big ? the owner say it sings very well but when i was there it keep quite and very actively hop ard .

    i am interested in keeping this but would first like to know is it easy to keep such breed and whats the things i need to know keeping this breed and where can i find more variety abt this breed and roughly the market price how much ?

    need the help from those bird keeper thanks!

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    robin is a nice bird budget also

    my bro keep puteh and jambu (dunno right spelling) coz they sing very well but exp... range from $40-1000

    got to get 2 kind of cage 1 for living and other is for bathing... not easy to keep bird so i don't like them wahaha....

    for more info u can go to this forum:
    Favouritism | Design + Lifestyle + Art


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