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Thread: Pentax Optio SV HELP!

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    Pentax Optio SV
    Hey guys,

    I recently went out and bought a Pentax Optio SV. It has 5.0 megapixels, and 4.0x zoom. Camera works fine, all that jazz, BUT its the connectivity issue. Pentax has a software that comes along with it that is obviously outdated by a longshot, and when i go to install this ACDSee for Pentax, I try to install but it just says I need Windows Media Player 7.1 or higher to continue, but i have windows media 10.0. Then, I thought i might be tricky and just insert the SD card into my SD slot that i have built into my computer, but no, the computer wont even recognize it, oh and thats a scandisk 512 mb.

    Any replies are GREATLY appreciated.


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    hmm. that's funny..
    So basically that ACDSee is used to view your video clip right? why not directly copy that file and play from your media player 10?
    U meant your pc can't recognize your SD card also??


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