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    Hi guys,

    would like to find out about a few things.

    1) anyone used electra 300W before? How did you all find it? good? I planning to get 2 and a tent for a product shoot setup. and maybe some simple portraiture shots.

    2) also, regarding the light stands that studio lights are mounted on. what are the common options out there in peninsular? I only saw manfrotto ones before. And I dont know if there are any better or cheaper options.

    3) Lastly i came across this minolta auto 3F lightmeter at 285SGD Used. I was comparing with a Polaris which cost 270SGD new. Which one do you think you would go for?

    Its a lengthy enquiry. But thanks in advance to all the helpful and know-all clubsnappers.

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    not all product shots need a tent. actually, i think one is not needed.

    portrait shots need light modifiers and reflectors. needs more $.

    lightstands. sturdy for the weight it will bear but relatively light in weight itself. do not save $ by buying very lightweight ones.

    lightmeters. i have used Minolta only. Minolta is reliable.

    hope it helps.

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    yeap... depends what & how u shoot... tent may seem to be more problematic.

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    oh... i doing small products like bottles glasses etc. I am buying a tent because I dont want to buy the softbox straight away. Abit expensive.
    Softboxs are quite overpriced.

    anyway. how much do lightstands cost average?

    also minolta 3F at $285 good or bad price? no spot meter i think.

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    tents and softboxes are not the same. they serve different purposes.

    you can make a 'tent' with inexpensive materials eg tracing papers, etc.
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    softboxes are good but well, for a start, not getting first. maybe abit later. I think the tent is good for bottles and reflective items?


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