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    Hi ppl,

    I'm just taking some time out to contribute to the photographic scene. I am by no means any professional just an enthusiast just trying to share tips and help newbies out there to get on their feet. This is an informal introduction and its really very basic. Basically for newbies who has just gotten your first camera and wishes to learn more about how to optimise it to take, well, considerably nice photos. I have had some experience in using Nikons and now using m4/3. So if you have other camera system I may not be much of help.

    I mainly shoot portraits, events, most of the time family gatherings and a little landscape.

    This session would be more of an informal theory chit chat session and some hands on with your camera. Brg what ever gear you have and we can see what we can do with them. Do write your questions down so we can look at them. It's more of an one on one session discussion. Its better for you to ask questions so I can advice you appropriately.

    This session is not for ppl who are already proficient in using your camera and its merely and solely for those who are fresh into photography or just gotten a camera but have no idea how to use it.

    You may view some of my photos here, so if you shoot better give others a chance to learn - bangchew86's Library | Photobucket

    Time: 6:30am to TBA, U can leave anytime
    Date: 13th December (Tuesday)
    Meet-up place: Starbucks liat towers

    Items to bring:
    What ever gear you have questions about

    You can contact me at 83668321

    There's only one of me and plenty of you, so I suppose five is all I can handle. After you add your name pls sms me your real name and clubsnap nick. Pls be considerate and add your name on to the list only if you can really make it.

    Attendees List:

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    Sorry Its Thurday, 13th December, instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bangchew86
    Sorry Its Thurday, 13th December, instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nitewalk View Post
    Thanks for highlighting.. My bad, Its 6.30pm..

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