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Thread: Questions on White Balance

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    Default Questions on White Balance


    am using a D70.

    have a question abt white balance. how does one noe how to use the correct white balance and prevent the whites from turning blue(too cool) or yellowish(too warm)?

    and how do we use a white card?


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    case study for your reference: using 1d, under flourescent lighting at home, i take the same pix twice under different WB setting and load them onto computer, view via a calibrated CRT monitor, and somehow personally find that AWB is more "accurate" than flourescent WB (less greenish) . and under indoor s orangy lighting, AWB will retain the orangy look, but tungsten WB will make it look rather bluish. but usually i simply use AWB and when it comes to post processing, i wil just adjust the colour temp to warmer or cooler, depending on how i want the final pix to look like

    white card is to place it in the lighting for that shot, take a shot of it, then use its information to dail it in as the referece point of the camera's custom WB

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    If you want an accurate white balance, you should use a grey card and do a white balance preset every time before you start taking pictures. See page 52 of the manual.

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    Hi guys,

    I am using the D70 as well. I have been playing around with this camera ever since I bought it 3 weeks ago. On White Balance, as long as I am taking pictures on these conditions, I will always use these settings:

    Under dim candle light type.
    E.g.: Shopping Centres, Restaurants, Light bulbs, etc.

    Under Warm daylight florescent lighting.
    E.g.: Office, house, classrooms, etc.

    Under direct sunlight.
    E.g.: No need to explain much on this...

    When using flash photography.
    E.g.: No need to explain on this except that D70 has a weak built-in speedlight. You may want to consider setting your camera on this when using flash photography -- Flash: -1.0, Exposure: +1.0. This will create a bright enough subject with a good blend in the background.

    In the day without direct sunlight.
    E.g.: No need to explain on this...

    Under anything in the day without any sun.
    E.g.: House, Room, Under tree.
    This will give a warm feeling to your pictures which most of the times, look very nice, depending on what you are shooting at.
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    Aiyah, shoot RAW and solve all your problems... I shoot RAW and leave it at AWB until I post-process... less things to worry about...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shodan99
    Aiyah, shoot RAW and solve all your problems... I shoot RAW and leave it at AWB until I post-process... less things to worry about...
    but oso more post production work to do. I tink it is more satisfying when u are able to take a picture that is so good that there's no need to do post production.

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    i jus had a photo shoot for a conference using D70. Apparently the lightin in the ballroom was so orangy tt even when i put in tungsten +3 or -3 there is no effect. had to use the filter tt SB-800 provides n the pic turn out so much better...
    can't remember if i did try AWB, it might have worked...

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    if u are shooting in a studio, i guess a grey card will work wonders for u in terms of WB....
    due to consistant lighting

    if u are shooting on location instead. then i will say tt its useless..... u cant possibly grey card for every shot u take...

    juz set it to cloudy lo hehe..


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