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    Found some old shots i took, of patterns that i perceived off some ordinary objects when i was in korea in october 2003. the photos were taken using olympus C750uz and basically using the pre-programmed modes.

    am still very new to photography and thought i'd share with you guys..

    #1 Charcoals crossed
    was walking along the streets of Seoul leading to Nandemum and somehow this box of insignificant charcoals tucked under the hawker's table caught my eyes. the graphics from the cross section was lovely.

    #2 Chairs Disorder
    was in Gwangju, the south of South Korea, where this annual KimChi Festival was on and the sight of this crookedly lined audience chairs was glaring as it was a clear bright sunny day.

    #3 Hanging Garlics
    rushing along the streets in Sunchang village, from where the spicy gochuchang sauce used in bibmbap originated, rows of preserved garlics formed beautiful patterns like rows of beaded ornaments.

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    hmm somehow after resizing the photos according to the recommended size, they appeared this small here...

    anyway, for anyone who is interested to view them... pls view them at the gallery :

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    comments appreciated..


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