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Thread: How to download Image Rescue from new LEXAR CF Card?

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    Default How to download Image Rescue from new LEXAR CF Card?

    Hi bros! any one have any idea on how to download the free Image Rescue from the new LEXAR CF Card? I do not have a CF Reader thus I tried to use my Canon Pro 1 and try to download like how I download my pics. However, I do see the software in there. What can I do? Please kindly advice. I really appreciate it. Thanks!

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    did u see the drive's folder inside of "My Computers"? (windows)
    If do, open up and copy lor..

    Sorry, i'm non canon user, so dunno interface, if u didn't see as mentioned above, die die u have to have a card reader loh...

    hope its helps..

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    despek... if u do not have a card reader, den bo pian liao... dun think you can use your camera as a 'card' reader...

    anyway, i can send u the 'url' cos previously i put into my server & din del yet... pm me & i will send u the url... keep it secret... thanks.


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