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    come to think of it... i had alway have a SLR at some point.. but didnt quite use it... due to the cost.. and i still have like 8 rolls havent develop... hopefully there isnt any fungus on it... haha..maybe mushroom...:P

    Come to think of it.. regrading the knowing "renown photographer" guess they all have different view points... so who is right or who is wrong? so i dun really understand point of bringing up big names.....

    guess its of different generation now.... well.. not a bad thing actually.. except it reminds us that age is catching up.. hahaha..:P
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    Originally posted by ckiang
    I soon bought a Coolpix 950 in 1999. That really rekindled my interest. I shot a lot, and tried out things I never tried on my SLR. Bought almost all the associated accessories too. And it gives me very good images. And unlike P&S cameras, I have quite a bit of control over it.
    That is so true... I have had 6 consumer - prosumer digital cameras before and I have to admit that the first 4 were very much using the point and shoot mentality.. very much due to the fact I don't have good control over the camera's functions... until I used the Coolpix 950,990 and Sony 707. They gave me a good amount of control over the camera and allowed me to do many more things.

    In my case it's not so much of the 'shoot and dump' mentality but 'able to experiment' mentality because the extra shots won't cost me. Here goes my train of thoughts in a typical shot.

    1 - Shoot safe shot first (Not thinking much yet, just simple composition)
    2 - Look for good angles, composition
    3 - Look for possible interesting effects (DOF, macro, lighting etc).
    4 - If something interesting happens, snap quickly to capture moment, then think quickly how to adjust settings to make another attempt better and hope that the moment lasts until then
    5 - If I feel that this may be a winning shot, review photos and check what may prevent it from being one (distracting background, off focus etc), and learn from the mistake, correct it and shoot again.

    Shooting film, many would just take 1 shot or 2.. while I am able to capitalise on the advantages of digital photography to increase my chances of getting a good shot, failing which, I still have a safe shot to remember the experience.

    One good example is a wedding shoot I've done ... I got about 3-4 printable shots for each pose, thanks to the wonderful couple who were having fun making all the wierd expressions, which I would hestitate taking if I were using film (cos they were doing it most of the time). I ended up taking 500++ shots, more than half are good. After eliminating the more normal shots (which IMHO is what a normal wedding photographer produces), I ended up with a 123 pix collection of their best photos. I burned them nicely into a 700MB CDROM which included a slideshow of the best photos as well as all the raw photos. They were elated... I guess that's something that can be easily done with digital that would take a whole lot more trouble & costs in film photography...
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    Default Re: no doubt

    Originally posted by langzi

    let's take pictures ppl...some may do it for themselves, some may do it for the public...but we are still taking pics.

    leonard [/B]
    good points...

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