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Thread: Two China workers perched on top of a crane in protest over owed wages

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    Default Re: Two China workers perched on top of a crane in protest over owed wages

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    I second that, the compound around my hdb estate has been well maintained by well mannered Indian from the town council. I can see from my own eye that they have been working hard, I pity that they work from 6am to 7pm Monday to Sunday without weekend rest. I can also see some of my neighbour who are local having drink and eating peanuts in void deck and littering like their own place. Without foreign worker I wonder who in Singapore will do there work for us to clear our own ****.

    Yes we work hard too, but we have a shelter and family with us. We have more choice of what we want to work as and who to work for.
    Just like in hawker centre.. clear you own tray!

    Education is the only way to prevent this from happening but it will take another genration or so!

    It will never be eradicated only minimise.

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    FT not equal to FW.

    Singaporean have always accept FW because they fill the unwanted jobs. FT are mostly in junior or middle management. They REPLACE Singaporean and snatch/shink their ricebow.
    But the media keep focusing on FW only .....
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