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Thread: Any way to adjust this picture??

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    Default Any way to adjust this picture??

    Hi, I've got a dragonfly pic here taken by myself, but the outcome wasn't what i was hoping for. Therefore, need some help from you experst over here. Is it possible to make the bokeh of the first pic into something brighter, like the second pic's? If so, can you guys give me a more detailed procedure on how to correct the colours? (I'm using photoshop CS). Thanks!!

    How to turn the bokeh of this pic...

    into this one?

    By the way, second pic is taken by Sgt. Pepper, not me.
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    Default My Attempt

    just a quick one, my wife waiting for dinner.

    select the dragonfly > inverse selection
    go to each channel - red, green, blue > apply gaussain blur to reduce the noise
    > use curve to brighten up each channel

    select inverse > and play with the dragonfly - curve, hue, sharpening

    my boy is calling now. Bye

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    Thanks jopel. though dragonfly's colour a bit unnatural (esp the eyes), the overall outcome seems more desirable


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