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Thread: Slave Flash Trigger - Question

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    Default Slave Flash Trigger - Question

    Just bought a slave flash trigger.

    Tested in the shop with Nikon SB-800 (manual mode) and works fine.

    Tested at home with Nikon SB-600 and works fine too.

    However it doesn't trigger off my Metz 32-Z1.

    Any possible reason?

    Thanks in advance for any advise.

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    It's very hard to say ...

    It could be some compatibility problems, but generally, I guess you would have bought some kinda optical slave? Infrared? Sorry, I am only familiar with optical slaves.

    Have you checked the contacts of the flash? Is the flash firing reliably mounted in the hotshoe? Via PC cabel? Have you checked the terminal ends of the cable you're using to hook up the flash to the slave (if it's optical slave and you're using cabels). Are your batteries still ALIVE? Is the flash still alive?

    Generally, check each possible step of the entire route from one end of the connection the the other, and try to eliminate each step along the way to identify the source of the problem.



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