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  • Purely self-taught with only self-assistance frm books & self exploration

    45 45.45%
  • Self-taught with help from friends, Clubsnap & self-exploration

    48 48.48%
  • Learnt the art from a Great Master of Photography

    12 12.12%
  • Never learnt anything. I'm a natural born talent.

    12 12.12%
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Thread: Where did you picked up Photography?

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    I learned a lot from ClubSnap.

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    A.P.U....hur hur hur
    One-North Explorers
    | Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but photos |

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    Mainly self-taught from books and from looking at exhibited works. But did undergo a short course of photography in Secondary School with my art teacher.

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    school CCA, clubsnappers, library books, n bro. n NON-STOP SHOOTING!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonlou
    school CCA, clubsnappers, library books, n bro. n NON-STOP SHOOTING!!!
    You don't sleep, eat and take bath?

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    from a galaxy far far away

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    decided to pick it up after a trip to manado, borrowed the camera from my sister then. couldn't even affort a point and shoot film camera back then. haha

    when the photos was developed, i was quite surprised.. well they look good just like post cards. so i say hey maybe i can do this.. saved up abit then bought my first digital camera.

    lots of learning since the day i got the camera, help from ppl here in clubsnap about 70% of the learnt, are from them, 20% on net and 10% on books. and still learning with more to go. haha

    best part is now im starting to dabble in film.. i feel that the photos produced by film still gives more 'human' touch then digital lor.

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    Lacking from poll like formal training e.g. photographic school etc, poll bias towards self taught, see selection, only formal training selection is learnt from master? Nah! I train as a photog while in the army. Took me almost 9 month to learnt the ropes including dark room stuff. By the time I became proficient almost ROD.

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    School photography society, club snap and amature photo magzn.

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    Started with a toy camera called Dynax (but not a Minolta ). Of course since no sophisticated film advance mechanism, film was free to wind or rewind at will, so most negatives came back with empty frames or double exposure (my first forey into creative photography! )
    Next camera was the Kodak instamatic. No comments on this camera since used just for snapshots.
    After that, mom got the FX103 and subsequently, I took over the cam since she wasn't really taking any pictures with it. Camera came with not very good lens as it was ultra soft with insipid colour saturation.
    Finally got the F90 during apprenticeship time when My colleague egged me to buy one after I tried his nikon 105mm f2.5 lens (Wow! the colours! Wow! the sharpness!).
    Now back to a compact digital FZ10 since have baby, no time and energy to lug so much weight around

    As to learning photography, it was a trial and error process + reading lotsa books.

    And that's my story
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    Borrowed a Olympus Pen camera from aunty. It's 1/2 frame 35mm. It shoots 72 exp on a 36exp roll. wow. the lens was very sharp, but film back then was crap, even the kodak asa100 film was very noisy (oops.. its grainy). but, it was better than my personal kodak 110 camera. crappy 110 format, then again the disc camera. 1980.

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