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Thread: How to protect inkjet photos ?

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    Default How to protect inkjet photos ?


    I am looking into purchasing an photo-quality inkjet printer.

    After much research on the net, my conclusion is that for
    photo-quality printout, 6 colours, dye-based inkjet printer will
    be the preferred choice.

    The 2 most popular brands out there for this kind of inkjet are
    Epson and Canon.

    The only remaining concern is that I have read quite a few users
    saying that the printout doesn't last very long and will start
    fading even after a few days if they are not protected - e.g. put
    behind glass or laminated.

    Hence, my purpose of starting this thread is to gather input from
    the Singapore users of photo inkjet printers, especially these
    models : Epson Photo Stylus 810, Canon S800, Canon S820.

    I'm also considering the new HP Deskjet 5550 which starts using
    dye-based photo inks - but since it's so new, I doubt there is any
    user that has use it long enough to provide much feedback.

    Please share with me your experience so far in terms of :

    1. What is your printer brand/model ?

    2. What type of paper you use (brand/model) ?

    3. Do you notice any fading in your print outs ?

    4. If there are fading, how long before it starts to fade ?

    5. What are the methods you use to stop it from fading ?

    6. If you don't notice any fading at all, what is the oldest print out
    you have that still doesn't have a sign of fading ?

    Appreciate the info.

    Thanks !

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    1. Epson 1270
    2. Epson A3/A4 Matte paper - Heavyweight
    Epson A4 Premium glossy photo paper
    3. Nope
    4. N/A
    5. I use acid free plastic sleeves and store them in black folders
    away from sunlight.
    6. 3 years

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    Thanks for the fast response !

    Glad to know that your print out can last for 3 years
    without fading !

    I have more questions which I hope you can help with :

    1. Since your location state Singapore/Australia, can I know
    where do you stored those print outs ? Singapore or Australia ?

    2. There seems to be this 'orange shift' problem with the epson
    stylus - including the 1270 - see :

    Do you experience the same problem ?

    3. Finally, can you also share more details about the acid free
    plastic sleeve - i.e. brand and where to buy ?

    Again, thanks for the response.


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