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    My friend had wanted me to help him take some photos of dishes that a resturant which he work at has prepared. But I have no what so ever experience in that sort of photography. Anyone has any pointers to offer?? ie, what sort of lightings and placement of lightings, films, props...etc.....any other things that i should keep in mind??

    thanks for any help!!!!

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    erm lemme try

    bright ambient lighting (ala studio or dual lighting), enhance the reds, use either total contrasting backgrounds or complementary colours.
    then must have lots of "liao4" on top immaculately arranged, no stains on side of dish (wipe clean). Aesthetic is eating utensils set.

    of course real studios feel free to add non-edible stuff like shaving foam or acrylic strips to fake food colour saturation not available...
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    I have taken a few shots before (used in my parents store in hawker centre not in restaurant). Lighting is important. I do not have any studio lighting, I use my dinning hall 4x18W saving energy lamp mount on the ceiling and 1x18W saving energy lamp with manual adjustment. I will not use flash and the bowl or the food will show the reflected light. Try with few shots with different setting for exposure compensation and white balance. The camera I use required to set exposure compensation between +1/3 to +1. Use different setting on WB will affect the colour of the food. Set to the highest possible resolution and lowest compression for digicam. Use a Tripod with self timer.

    The food must not be dry, may applied a thin layer of oil (depend type of food) on top of the food. Try to use light colour utensils, so that it can match most of the foods. Try to place the utensils on a simple colour background, such as colour plain cloth with some folder pattern.

    Hope the above information may gave you some ideas in some way.
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    thanks everyone for the help...just a couple more questions....what sort of film do you guys use?..if studio lights are used...I would have to use tungsten film right..and also...the final output would have o be on trans for light boxes??


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