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    hey folks, do you have any idea if there is any Northface specialty shop in Singapore? Thanksss

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    nope..they don't exactly exist here... but there are parallell imports in shops like outdoor specialist in peninsula plaza, and some shops from sports connection still have their old stock.

    closest place to get them is thailand, where there is authorized distribution but at higher prices..

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    Most of the better outdoor shops in Singapore sock good quality gear but usually at a premium price. It may be better for you to Mail Order what you need direct from the US since the USD is rather low now. Try checking out the following places:

    1. and

    Happy shopping


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    if you can group the orders with a few kakis, then the shipping costs will be low...otherwise, it will be rather expensive.

    and as with all mail order stuff, exchanging goods is often not as easy and costly

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    I see...quite disappointing that there isn't any shop in S'pore selling a broad range of The North Face product...
    Thanks a lot folks for your suggestion...


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