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Thread: My olympus charger is spoilt..

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    Unhappy My olympus charger is spoilt..

    Hi all,

    I bought an olympus mju: 300 digital cam around 1 year plus ago with an extended warranty.

    After around 1 year of use, the len cover becomes very loose. This really poses as a problem especially when I m taking photo or previewing photo. Just one touch will cause the cover to shift and the len to go back. Is this a design flaw?

    Another thing is, my olympus cam charger which came with the cam is spoilt after slightly more than a year. We called the service center asking if the extended warranty for the cam covers the charger as well, but were told it is not covered. what's more, he told us we have to buy a brand new one.. costing ard 70!

    I am not very happy with this.. feel kind of cheated Anyone encounter such problems also?

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    I think lens cover loose still can go for service and shld cover under warranty.
    Charger is considered as accessories so dun think warranty will cover that.

    Same case for my spoilt Minolta digi cam charger, must buy a new one.
    My friend also has to buy a new charger from Canon for $90+ when hers got
    "burnt" during charging.


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